Vinyl Banner 13oz Ref No: 1AZ-598

  • Waterproof & fade-resistant
  • Grommets/hem pockets 
  • Custom size

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$12.57 $12.57 for each

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Turn some heads with our Vinyl Banner 13oz

Vinyl banners can help keep your business in people’s minds. Our printing services offer an affordable means towards the following goals:

  • Increased Awareness
    To be special in the crowd, you need something that set you apart from the rest. Our Vinyl Banner is a perfect tool for you to achieve it with ease, print and customize your design on the banner and leave everyone in awe.
  • Easy customization.
    Your brand competes with several other businesses offering the same products and services. With different customization options, vinyl banners allow you to stand out from the competition.
  • 24 Hours Printing
    Order your banner now to have it shipped within 24 hours, don't let the last minute plan get past you.

The Specs You Need to Make an Impact.

It comes with custom sizes to help you get more eyeballs on your business. Whether it’s the standard 3’ x 2’ banner or the enormous 20’ x 8’ one, you can find the size that’s a perfect fit for your brand.

  • Popular, economical option
  • Waterproof and fade-resistant 13 oz polyester with PVC coating
  • Full-color printing
  • Grommets/hem pockets for easy hanging

Size, materials, finishing - anything you look for is here.

Standard 13 oz. Vinyl

  • Matte finish for great visibility even in bright light
  • Popular, economical option
  • Lasts about 3-5 years outdoors, in temperatures as low as -4°F
  • Superior tear-resistance. Tensile strength: 154.2 x 137lbs/in

    To hang the banner against a wall, add grommets on each corner or every two feet of the banner to protect the holes from fraying.

    vinyl banner subtrates texture

    Adding hemming strengthens the edges of banners, making them less likely to rip apart.

    vinyl banner subtrates texture

    If you already have a banner stand, you may choose to add hem pockets (left and right or top and bottom).

    Vinyl Banners

    Our vinyl banner with wind slits is the ultimate banner that is specially designed to withstand the open wind environments. Especially when installed between supporting structures, poles, posts, and trees. The wind slits cut into the banner reduce the stress the wind causes, and allows for the wind to pass through without damaging the banner.