Simpo Sign A Frame with inserts Ref No: 6AZ-829

  • Holds two 22″ x 28″ inserts
  • Quick-Change feature
  • High Durability

Pricing & Options

22 x 28 (in)
$195.09 $195.09 for each

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Innovate signage solution with our Simpo Sign II - A Frame

Revolutionize your signage experience with the Simpo Sign II - A Frame. Built for convenience and durability, it's the ultimate solution for impactful messaging.

  • Quick Change Technology
    Effortlessly swap out inserts without the hassle of screws, bolts, or inserts damage. Our innovative technology ensures easy insertion and secure positioning, making sign insertion a breeze.

  • Portability & Durability
    Equipped with internal weighting with sand and a convenient molded-in handle, this sign is easy to carry while offering multiple great display choices for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Ship Flat & Easy Assembly
    We ship it flat for secure packaging, and with Quick Change technology, setup should take no more than 1 minute, ensuring minimal assembly time for maximum convenience.

Size, materials, finishing - anything you look for is here.

Inserts material
Choose from Coroplast 4mm or Bubble X 4mm for the inserts, ensuring durability and visibility for your messages.

Standard size
The insert comes in a standard size of 22 x 28 inches, striking a balance between being noticeable and not obstructing the sidewalk. The final size of the whole sign is 24.375 x 37.25 inches

Hardware included
The heavy duty plastic frame is included with the inserts, providing a complete bundle for your signage needs.

Installation steps

  1. Unfold the A-frame and effortlessly display your sign: push up and slide down the graphic to insert it inside.
  2. Remember to bring the A-frame sign indoors after business hours to shield it from sudden rain or cold weather, especially late at night.
  3. For a fresh look, we advise regular cleaning of both the frame and sign to maintain the display's pristine appearance.