SAV Chalk Board Vinyl Ref No: 651-GT

  • Adheres directly to your walls
  • Suitable for liquid & conventional chalks
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • Indoor & outdoor use

Pricing & Options

Max width: 53
Max Height: 1000

$27.80 $27.80 for each

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Bring Your Ideas Come to Life With Our Chalkboard Vinyl


Adheres Directly to Your Walls: Say goodbye to complicated installations! Our Chalkboard Paint effortlessly adheres to a variety of surfaces – from walls to wood, metal to glass. Simply apply and watch your canvas come to life, no additional primers needed.

Suitable for Liquid & Conventional Chalks: Whether you prefer the classic charm of chalk sticks or the vibrancy of liquid chalk markers, our paint caters to your every need. Write, draw, and illustrate with ease, exploring a spectrum of colors and textures that'll make your creations pop!

Wipes Clean with a Damp Cloth: Embrace change without a trace. Erase your designs with a swift wipe of a damp cloth, and your canvas is ready for new stories. Maintain a pristine surface for daily messages, weekly menus, creative doodles, or educational content, all with minimal effort.

Indoor & Outdoor Use: Let your imagination roam indoors and outdoors! Our Chalkboard Paint is designed to withstand various environments, making it perfect for classrooms, playrooms, kitchens, and even the great outdoors. Rain or shine, your canvas remains vibrant and inviting.

Material & Specs


Material Finish:

Chalkboard vinyl


Rectangle, circle, square, contour


Indoor & Outdoor

Print Methods

Single side 4C - UV printer

Max Size:

53" x 1000"

Min Size:

2" x 2"