FLYERS - Synthetic Paper Ref No: 403-GT

  • Professional looking
  • High resolution
  • Weather resistant

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Unleash Creativity: Explore Synthetic Paper Flyers

Business flyer printing has been used for decades to inform both loyal and potential customers of retail, real estate, and restaurant products and services. Promotional flyers are also used to announce major changes such as a new store branch or address change. They are also easy to hand out in high foot traffic areas, letting you target specific audiences.

Exceptional Durability: Experience flyers that withstand the test of time, thanks to the robust nature of synthetic paper. Resistant to tearing, water, and UV exposure, your messages endure even in challenging conditions.

Vivid Printing: The smooth surface of synthetic paper enhances printing quality, ensuring your graphics and text pop with vibrant clarity.

Versatile Applications: From outdoor signage to event promotions, synthetic paper flyers shine in various settings where traditional paper might falter.

Distinctive Texture: The unique texture of synthetic paper adds a touch of sophistication to your flyers, setting them apart from conventional paper stock.

Environmentally Friendly: Many synthetic papers are recyclable, offering an eco-friendly choice that combines durability with sustainability.

  • NEW - Antimicrobial coating preventing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold from growing on the sheet's surface over the lifetime of the printed application
  • Minimal scrap, waste and time compared to traditional lamination
  • Waterproof, tear-proof and weather resistant - suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Double sided matte white finish
  • Superior dimensional stability for precise registration
  • Antistatic top coating ensures strong toner adhesion and smooth feeding through the printer
  • Rigid and lays flat
  • Die cut, perforate, UV varnish and scoring capabilities
  • Writable with pencil, ball point pen or marker
  • Available in 14 mil digital cut sized sheets