FLYERS - Paper Stock Ref No: 402-GT

  • Various material options
  • Laminated finish
  • Weather resistant

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8.5 x 11 (in)

$10.47 $10.47 for each

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Unveil Possibilities: Explore Flyer Paper Stock Varieties

Material Flexibility: Opt for lightweight paper or durable cardstock, tailoring your flyers to the desired texture.

Size Options: Select from a range of standard and custom sizes for a perfect fit.

Preserved Excellence: Each flyer is carefully enclosed in protective shrink wrapping, safeguarding its quality until it reaches your audience.

Size. Color. Material. It's all here, and more.

7 Material Options

Custom sizes

Single or Double Side Printing

How to Choose the Best Paper Type

We offer three kinds of paper stock and two cardstock options. The choice will depend on your preferred material thickness and the distribution method of the marketing flyers.

Paper Stock Options

60 lb. paper

  • The thinnest paper type, with the same feel and weight as notebook paper.
  • Recommended for those that will hand out bulk flyer quantities in high traffic areas.

80 lb. paper

  • Has the same weight as magazine paper, providing more durability than 70 lb. paper.
  • The best choice for those who want the flexibility and ease of lightweight paper but with additional durability.

100 lb. paper

  • the thickest paper option available and able to withstand handling.
  • It has the same thickness as coffee table book paper, making it suitable for handing out at small events. Customers can keep the flyer for future reference.

Cardstock Choices

9 pt.Cardstock

  • Much thicker than paper but still foldable.
  • This material is normally used for postcards and greeting cards.
  • Recommended for business flyers to be given away at store openings and small conventions.

15 pt.Cardstock

  • Is our sturdiest and toughest material available.
  • Its weight is normally seen on door hangers and postcards that are put on display. Works best for flyers that will be displayed at cash registers or in waiting rooms.
  • We also recommend this material for business flyers that aim for a professional and premium look.

What is the most durable paper type available?
The 15 pt. cardstock is our thickest material among our paper and cardstock options. It lasts longer compared to the others with a weight similar to standard business cards and luxurious looking invitations.

What does the "printed side" indicate on the online calculator?
Flyers are normally read from one side but you can add more information by printing on the front and the back. Printing on both sides lets you maximize the space available and expound on lengthier information such as a product line or several services.

How can I effectively design my business flyer?
Keep the design focused without losing its appeal. The overall look shouldn’t be too busy and should lead readers to your main image and headline.
Use a readable font and high resolution images. Flyers are quickly scanned so a pixelated image and a confusing font will lose a customer’s interest.
Get straight to the point. Your announcement or discount offer should be immediately seen. Use a call-to-action to entice customers and to build interest in your brand.

Does the printing time include shipment to my address?
Printing refers to the number of days for producing your order. We can print your order in 1 business day. To find out when your flyers will arrive, input your ZIP code after selecting “Estimate Shipping Cost and Delivery Date” on our online calculator.

What is the advantage of adding bundling to my business flyers order?
Bundling seals your flyer order in sets of 25, 50, or 250 pieces. This allows for quick counting and distribution when you receive them. A clear plastic film is used to wrap around each set and protects the flyers from damage during shipping or storage.