Easy Dot White Removable Vinyl Ref No: 661-GT

  • Bubble & wrinkle free
  • Easy installation
  • Custom sizes

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$16.58 $16.58 for each

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Less stress, More applications with our Easy Dot White Removable Vinyl

Bubble & Wrinkle-Free Installation: Experience a frustration-free application process with our vinyl, ensuring a smooth and professional finish without any bubbles or wrinkles. Say goodbye to tedious corrections and welcome flawless results.

No Special Tools Needed: You don't need any specialized equipment to work with our vinyl. Its user-friendly nature allows for easy application, saving you time and effort while achieving impeccable outcomes.

Custom Sizes: Tailor-made for your needs, our vinyl comes in custom sizes. Whether you require small posters or large displays, our versatile vinyl ensures a perfect fit for any indoor or outdoor setting.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Our vinyl thrives in any environment. Its robust adhesive properties guarantee a secure hold on various surfaces, making it suitable for both indoor decorations and enduring outdoor promotions.

Material & Specs



Anti graffiti lamination

Dry Erase lamination

Floor Graphics lamination

Matte lamination

Gloss lamination


Rectangle, circle, square, contour

Max Size:

Please contact us for more information 

Min Size:

2" x 2"