Easy Dot Clear Removable Vinyl Ref No: 594-GT

  • Easy to apply with no bubbles
  • No special tools needed
  • Custom sizes

Pricing & Options

Max width: 53
Max Height: 1000

$17.34 $17.34 for each

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Experience Our Easy Dot: Effortless Application and Perfect Reposition

For Indoor and Outdoor Application: Our Easy Dot sticker is designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring it maintains its superior adhesion and performance across various settings.

Easy to Apply with No Bubbles: Applying our Easy Dot sticker is a stress-free process, as it features an innovative dot pattern on the adhesive side, preventing air bubbles during installation. Achieve a smooth and seamless application effortlessly, creating a flawless finish.

No Special Tools Needed: You don't need to invest in specialized tools to use our Easy Dot sticker. Its user-friendly design allows for easy and straightforward installation, ensuring anyone can achieve professional-looking results without extra equipment.

Custom Sizes: Tailor your designs precisely with our Easy Dot sticker's custom sizing option. Whether you need small, intricate stickers or large format displays, we provide flexible solutions to fit your unique requirements, making your projects truly one-of-a-kind. Enjoy the ease of customization and let your creativity shine with our Easy Dot sticker!

Material & Specs


Material Finish:



Rectangle, circle, square, contour


Indoor & Outdoor

Print Methods

Double sided (Color + Blockout + Color)

Normal color print with white ink

Normal color print with no white ink

Reverse color print with white ink

Reverse color print with no white ink

Max Size:

53" x 1000"

Min Size:

2" x 2"

What is easy dot vinyl, and how does it differ from regular vinyl?

Easy dot vinyl is a type of adhesive vinyl material that features a unique dot pattern on the adhesive side. This dot pattern allows for easier application and repositioning of the vinyl, making it more forgiving and user-friendly than regular vinyl. Unlike traditional adhesive vinyl, which might require precise alignment during application, the dot pattern on easy dot vinyl enables users to make adjustments and reposition the vinyl without damaging the surface or leaving residue.

What surfaces can I apply easy dot vinyl to?

Easy dot vinyl is designed to adhere to a variety of smooth surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. It works well on walls, windows, glass, painted surfaces, and other smooth materials. The dot pattern on the adhesive allows for air to escape during application, reducing the risk of air bubbles and making it easier to achieve a smooth, wrinkle-free finish.

Can easy dot vinyl be used for temporary applications?

Yes, easy dot vinyl is excellent for temporary applications due to its repositionable nature. Whether you need to apply a promotional graphic, sale announcement, or seasonal decoration, easy dot vinyl can be easily removed without leaving residue or causing damage to the surface. This makes it ideal for short-term marketing campaigns or events.