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Maximize High-Quality, Organized Brochure Printing

Brochure printing is part of every successful marketing campaign. Give away brochures at conventions, highlight details about your new collection, or include them with every new customer purchase. They are an effective, versatile, and affordable promotional tool.

It would help if you had a fold that complements your brand and brochure design. Please choose from our available brochure folding formats.

Size. Color. Material. It's all here, and more.

7 Material Options

7 Fold Options

Single or Double Side Printing

Brochure Size for every business

Standard brochure sizes from 5.5" x 8.5" to 8.5" x 14" are used by businesses that wish to spread information about their products and services. Below are examples of industries and/or events where we can use these sizes:

  • Services - A good example of this would be photography studios. These brochures can feature sample works, special packages, and contact numbers. 
  • Medical - informative guides that summarize health care facts, medical conditions, health concerns, and general first aid topics. 
  • Real Estate - Description of commercial and residential properties and property information such as the address, property specifications, and contact numbers 
  • Trade Fair - participating companies in these events have an opportunity to communicate with their audience through brochures. They can showcase and demonstrate their products and services and position their brand among competitors.
  • Non-Profit Orgs - these organizations use brochures to explain advocacy, history, and mission to gain support from potential benefactors and the general public. 

On the other hand, the larger brochure sizes, 11” x 17 and 11” x 25.375, are more appropriate if you want to have more detailed content because some businesses would require image-heavy content.

  • Amusement/Theme Park Brochures - a definite need for theme parks to have because this informs people of featured attractions, rides, and other events.
  • Mini maps - map representations are especially helpful for tourists to guide them throughout their trip. Ideally, mini-map brochures contain street names and popular landmarks. These are displayed on hotel counters and souvenir shops. A more detailed map may need custom sizing and options.

2-Panel Folds

Bifold Brochure

As its name indicates, this brochure contains two panels with enough space for lengthy text or large images.

3-Panel Folds

Three-panel folds work best for most brochures. Choose from the following three-panel folding options: the trifold or letter fold, the z-fold, and the gatefold. They have just enough space for all the important information about your product or business.

Trifold Brochure

The trifold is folded twice to create three panels for a short, visual, and informative brochure. It is the most popular folding option.

Z-fold Brochure

This commonly used brochure has six printed panels on both sides.

Gate Fold Brochure

The gatefold has two cover panels that open up to reveal a larger third panel.

4-Panel Folds

Four-panel folds are great for brochures that need to contain more information while still keeping them perfectly organized.

Accordion Brochure

This brochure fold forms a zigzag pattern.

Double Gate Fold Brochure

This fold is similar to the gate fold, with an extra fold in the center. It is also known as a closed gatefold.

Double Parallel Fold Brochure

This fold is folded equally in half then folded again in the same direction.

French Fold Brochure

The French fold is folded in half horizontally and then vertically folded in half to create the four equally sized panels.

French Fold Brochure

Roll fold is folded three times from right to left. Each panel is directed to fold toward the left.

Are the sizes shown folded or unfolded?

All sizes shown on the calculator measure the brochure when unfolded and laid out flat on a surface. If you want a finished trifold brochure that folds to 8.5” x 3.69”, the unfolded size should be 8.5” x 11”.

What should be inside my brochure?
1. Cover - A central image that immediately conveys what your product or service has to offer. Include your company logo and name so customers make the association.

2. High-Resolution Images - Use 300 dpi images for your brochure design. This resolution ensures the photo won’t be blurry upon printing.

3. Features and Benefits - The copy should elaborate on your product's or service's main selling points. Break it down in a list format or several sections for easy reading.

4. Call to Action - Include discount coupons or promos in the brochure to drive traffic to your store or e-commerce site.

5. Contact Information - Don’t forget to place all your company’s contact information, such as a telephone number, address, email address, and website for the customer’s preference.

How much copy and images should I include in my brochure?
The most eye-catching brochures are highly visual and use images to guide the reader through the content. A photo or illustration in each panel helps introduce or show the content in detail. Your copy should be as short as possible to sustain the reader’s focus on your main topic. For more information, check out our guide on how to design brochures

What does the number in the paper material name indicate?
Note: If you are mailing this product, please confirm that your mail addressing machine can print on the laminated surface. If unsure, please call to request a sample before placing your order.

Brochures are practical marketing tools used to promote your information-heavy campaigns. They can be laid out like a take-out menu containing listings of different products and services; or as travel and events guides. Brochures come in standard and custom sizes. Read on to learn how to create standard brochures that will work best for your business.